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Stuntwoman, actress, breakfast radio presenter, host, adventurer, roller skater. Tammy Barker could be described as a modern-day Renaissance woman.


The 39-year-old was born and raised in Cairns and loves her hometown almost as much as she loves experiencing everything life has to offer. From the 13 years she spent plying her trade as a stuntwoman on TV shows such as; Xena Warrior Princess, Shortland Street and Hercules, to staring in a roller skating show in Japan, to commentating for 17 hours at IRONMAN events, Tammy’s skill as a storyteller shines through.


Tammy first spread her wings as a 17-year-old leaving Cairns with stars in her eyes; hell-bent on a career as an actress.


Her first adventure began when she moved to the Gold Coast in 1995 and worked in the Live Action department at Sea World, at the same time she gained her qualifications as a stunt woman. Two years later in 1997, she found herself regularly dragged behind horses, set on fire or in wild fight scenes on Xena Warrior Princess, Hercules and many other Television shows filmed in New Zealand.


In 2001 the Land of the Rising Sun began to call, and she moved to Osaka as part of the opening cast at the newly created Wild, Wild, Wild West Stunt Show at Universal Studios. For three years she lived and worked in Japan, cracking a whip, falling from exploding live-show sets, learning the language, travelling the country on her time off and falling in love with the place and its people. A serious injury (a broken patella) caused Tammy to hang up her stunt boots, or in Tammy's case, rollerskates and sent her home to Cairns to rehab her injury.


In 2005 Tammy’s world tour continued to Canada where she spent two years tirelessly auditioning for acting and stunt roles and adding to her list of destinations to tick off her 'Travel Bucket List'. By that stage, she’d been away from home for more than a decade, and the pull of Cairns proved too strong, and she returned in 2007 and within six months, began working casually on local radio station Hot Fm which then lead to a full-time role co-hosting the popular 4CA FM breakfast show.

In 2009 Tammy finished up her full-time radio career and created 'Sauce Events' an Events, PR and Marketing business with a close friend. Her two year’s at Sauce Events was followed by a six-year stint at the world’s largest sports endurance company IRONMAN. Her role was a diverse one encompassing community relations, professional athlete liaison, and commentary. She was integral to the success of IRONMAN Cairns, now the company’s flagship Asia-Pacific event, the Asia-Pacific Championship. 


“Tammy is one of the most highly skilled and professional people I have ever worked with. She has impressive attention to detail, is thoroughly researched at all times, and engages the same way with everybody across the organisation from volunteers to professional athletes,” said (now ex) IRONMAN Asia-Pacific Media Manager, Daniel Hoy. “I could not recommend her enough for any form of hosting work; she is a joy to be around and work with.”


Tammy is currently using her presenting and marketing skills as she travels Australia with partner John as the 'Unwind' in Winch and Unwind. You can follow their adventures through their blog

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